Who has the cheapest auto insurance? Let’s find a FAIR quote today!

If you’re looking for cheap car insurance quotes in your state that are fair, boy I have a great review for you! I live in the state of Arizona, and due to the growing population my rates at Progressive auto insurance went up $72 a month! I’ve been with Progressive over 20 years and never been in an accident and had zero traffic violations. Its just not fair that my monthly rate had to spike up that high.

Let’s find a FAIR quote today!

After shopping around for a cheaper car insurance quote I discovered Root auto insurance. The auto insurance quote is so cheap, but most importantly it is a fair quote. What they do is they provide an app for you to downloaded on your smart phone. Then after giving them basic information you drive normally for about 2-3 weeks. Root has the technology to track how well you drive. After a few weeks of tracking your driving skills, they reward you with a fair car insurance quote. I was very excited to see the results. I was paying $177 a month with Progressive. My wife and I were covered under that auto insurance policy with 2 cars to be exact. After a few weeks of driving with Root auto insurance, we are now paying $67 a month with the exact same coverage! That’s an extra $110 a month! An extra $1320 a year!

How can Root provide the cheapest auto insurance?

Root auto insurance can afford to give us these fair rock bottom rates because they don’t have to pay someone like Flo in a television comercial. What they do is word-of-mouth advertising and they reward users up to $1,000 to tell others about them. Getting cheap car insurance quotes with Root is so easy and it’s so innovative how they encourage you to be a safer driver. If you want a great car insurance rate, continue to drive safe.

The only draw back that I see so far is that they are a new company and they don’t offer any other kind of insurance at this time. However they say they’re working on it. Soon they will have all sorts of insurance types.

How Root Works

1. Create your account

Create your account and download the Root app.

2. Take a test drive

Drive safely like you normally do for 2-3 weeks. Just keep your phone with you.

3. Get approved and get cash

If you’re approved for a quote, they’ll give you $25 if you sign up here!

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